Love For Life Sponsorship

A flier with a German Shepherd on it. Your recurring monthly donation means, together, we can support our forever foster dogs for the rest of their lives in a loving home.Love For Life (LFL) is a program within Saving Paws Rescue, AZ. It began in spring, 2016, when we realized we had a bunch of dogs with special needs, or who were older, who just weren’t getting any interest from potential adopters. But they, too, deserve a home of their own! Senior dogs, dogs who have multiple illnesses, have a terminal illness, or those who have behavioral issues qualify for the program. LFL is a forever-foster based program. To date, we have had 13 dogs in the program. Saving Paws Rescue AZ provides all the medical care, food, medicines, and vaccinations, while the forever foster parents provide a loving home.

Expenses for each dog in the program run between $50 to over $100 a month for food, medicine and other essential supplies. We are seeking sponsors so we can keep this wonderful program going. Sponsors of the LFL program can choose to help out by signing up for monthly donations or a one-time donation. Every penny counts, and every penny is appreciated!

You can find additional information about the Love For Life Program on, along with sponsorship FAQs. Some of our dogs are featured, but be sure to check back as we continue to update the page with biographies of all our dogs in the program!