Love For Life Program

Love For Life (LFL) is a program within Saving Paws Rescue Arizona and was launched in March of 2016. The program was created when a need was identified for our long-timers to be placed in permanent, loving homes. Our goal is to save dogs that would likely be considered unadoptable and at high risk for euthanasia due to age, health or behavior. We strive to care for these dogs through their senior years, disease processes or physical or behavioral rehabilitation by providing for their veterinary, physical and emotional care. Dogs are placed in loving foster homes until their rehabilitation process is complete, or dependent upon circumstances, may remain in a forever foster home or the rescue center sanctuary until the end of their lives. Sponsorships are available for individual dogs, or the entire program. Additional information may be found on our sponsorship FAQs page.

Available Love For Life dogs

We have a couple of dogs currently looking for their forever foster home, including Jackie ‘O, Jefke and Rex!

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Foster application

If you've decided to become a Love For Life foster, the next step is to complete and submit a foster application.

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Forever Foster Homes

Learn more about our Love For Life dogs living with their forever fosters by visiting their profiles below. 

Martin the German Shepherd Dog


Martin is the sweetest, most loving fellow you’ll find! This fellow is the bomb! As soon as he arrived at the rescue from Maricopa County Animal Care and Control, the volunteers were all fawning over him. He is as sweet as can be. This guy is such a lover boy! He just eats up the attention. We don’t know much about Martin’s history, but we think it may not have been pleasant. We suspect that Martin has been debarked, which we definitely DO NOT recommend. But it doesn’t seem to affect this guy’s sweet nature and gentle soul.

As a senior, Martin’s hips are not so great. He has Degenerative Myelopathy (DM) and Spondylosis which affect his mobility. He does not feel pain with the DM, but the spondylosis bothers him more on some days than others. He is getting intramuscular injections frequently to help with pain management.

Love For Life Program - Oscar



“Hi, my name is Oscar. I am 8 years old. I love playing with my ball, going on car rides, and getting brushed by my foster parents Brandon and Alicia. I really dislike getting a bath or playing in water, and I HATE being alone. Whenever my mom is in the shower, I have to lay up against the tub, waiting for her to get out. If she takes too long I whine. She has to know when it’s me time again! Whenever my parents try to give me just dry food for dinner, I give them the ‘this is a joke, right?’ look…”

Visit Oscar’s Love For Life page to learn more about him!

Love For Life Program - Porsche


“…Now, finally talking about this sweetheart of a canine, the following are her attributes: confident, quiet, friendly, security conscious and she has an active nose. My backyard has walls on each side but she can smell when my neighbor is present in her yard.  She is good with children when we are out on a walk and I educate them about this dog.  She is very gentle with my three cats.  As much as my two domesticated cats were a bit careful at first, the deaf feral cat that I found adopted Porsche as a mother.  She awakens me, too early in the morning, with a kiss.  I always have to tell her ‘…just a little bit of more time, please’ and goes back onto her blanket in my bedroom…”

Visit Porsche’s Love For Life page to learn more about her!

Love For Life Program - Purdy


“When we first got Purdy through the Love For Life program I have to admit, I didn’t think she would last more than a couple months, her background story was tragic, her cancer removal surgery was brutal and when we first got her she could only stand for a few minutes at a time. It’s hard to believe she is the same animal (a lot fatter). She still struggles getting up on our wood floors, but always performs a happy dance at meal time…”

Visit Purdy’s Love For Life page to learn more about her!

Love For Life Program - Rufus


“Ruffus came to live with us at one of the lowest points in our lives.  His family that he’s known and loved his entire 14 years of his life turned their trusted companion in to the county shelter.  Maybe due to his age, being overweight or because he had health problems.  We will never know.  But the moment I saw his post on Facebook, I knew he would be the perfect addition to our family, and especially a companion for my two other GSDs, 11 year-old Malak and 1 year-old Foxiee Rose.  Athena, another young GSD, joined us shortly after Ruffus. Together they form our ‘F.A.R.M.’ (Foxiee, Athena, Ruffus and Malak), and life has never been so good…”

Visit Ruffus’ Love For Life page to learn more about him!

Love For Life Program - Shadow


“Shadow had just turned two when SPR was asked to take her from her owner who had her since being a puppy. From all records she was cared for the first year, then the owner got an aggressive pitbull that he let attack her day after day for what appears to be a year of her life. When our volunteer arrived to get her, the owner opened the door pushed her out and said ‘good luck’ shutting the door behind her…”

Visit Shadow’s Love For Life page to learn more about her!

Love For Life Program - Stetson


“Stetson was surrendered by his owners for being rough with the children. He didn’t understand what was happening and afraid when his owner walked out the door of the county surrender room, he panicked and was instantly labeled ‘dangerous.’ He was just a puppy (6 months old) and on the euthanasia list the day he arrived at MCACC. Of course, euthanasia of a puppy was not going to happen with Trish around.

Visit Stetson’s Love For Life page to learn more about him!