Available Love For Life Dogs

Love For Life (LFL) is a program within Saving Paws Rescue Arizona. It began in the spring of 2016 when we realized we had a bunch of dogs with special needs, or who were older, who just weren’t getting any interest from potential adopters. But they, too, deserve a home of their own! Senior dogs, dogs who have multiple illnesses, have a terminal illness, or have behavioral issues qualify for the program. LFL is a forever-foster based program. This means we provide all the medical care, food, medicines and vaccinations while the forever foster parents provide a loving homeBelow are our available Love For Life dogs. 

If you're unable to foster a dog, you can still help by becoming a Love For Life Sponsor. Learn more about this wonderful program on our Love For Life Sponsorship FAQ page.


Are you ready for a challenge? Bryce came to Saving Paws in July, 2017, as an owner surrender. They purchased this stunning boy as a puppy, and he grew up in a family with kids that he loved for more than 5 years. When he developed a problem with painful, intense constipation followed by massive bouts of diarrhea, they did their best to seek veterinarian care but did not follow through with all the recommended tests and course of action. Subsequently, Bryce developed a somewhat rare condition called mega colon. We weren’t sure if he’d survive when he first came to us. He was at risk of developing a blockage or perforation in his bowels, and surgery was not an option as too much of his bowel was involved.

After many visits to veterinarians and specialists, Bryce is now medically stable. He is able to eliminate, but continues to strain. His enlarged bowels have shrunken a bit, and he is no longer in pain. He requires a special, single-protein diet and supplements three times a day.

Because of his complicated medical condition, Bryce is a new member in our Love For Life program, which is a forever foster program. We are looking for someone who is flexible and willing to learn as they go. Bryce’s course of treatment is frequently changing and adjusting to meet his needs. He will need a foster who is willing to observe, adjust and modify his diet and routine as needed. You would be working side-by-side with volunteer staff and not be left alone to design a new diet or exercise regime.

We feel his healing would accelerate if he was in a home where he could bond with a family. All food, supplements, medical and veterinarian expenses would be paid for by Saving Paws. You would provide a loving, stable, and consistent environment.

Bryce can be shy initially around dogs, but with slow introductions, we think he would do just fine. He can be a bit protective of his food and chew bones, so older children might be a better fit. He would need access to a dog door since he cannot delay or hold his bowels, and regular walks to keep his intestinal track moving is a requirement (1-2 times a day). He is a pretty mellow guy and is not destructive when left alone.

If you’re looking to make a HUGE impact in the life of a dog, want a challenge, and are willing to accept him in to your home, then this stunning boy is just what you need! The potential foster must be willing to visit him at the rescue and get to know him and his diet and exercise routines. This would be a slow and gradual process until everyone felt comfortable. Close contact and a willingness to communicate with rescue volunteer staff is a requirement. To change Bryce’s life forever, please fill out a foster application.

Jackie ‘O (Foster Pending)

Jackie ‘O is an icon at Saving Paws! She has been at the Doghouse the longest – since 2013. She has run of the house, and attention of all the humans that enter. If you have been to the Doghouse, you have met Jackie ‘O. This regal girl loves being around the action, but we so want her to have a home of her own, but befitting a queen, it will have to be the PERFECT home. As a senior, the younger dogs can get on her nerves, but she won’t fight; she just moves to another place. She can use the doggie door and is always up for a meal and treat. Jackie ‘O absolutely does not like the car, so she will take some time to get used to car rides. She needs something a bit lower to the ground and a hand getting in. She does need to lose a little weight, and is happy to just lie on her dog bed at your feet while you are hanging out or working from home. Jackie is a low-energy girl and is content being near her people. She is not a fan of small dogs, cats, or young kids, so if you have a fairly quiet home and want an easy, loyal companion, she’s the gal for you!

Jackie is happy at the Doghouse – after all, she is the matriarch–but she deserves to be in a quieter home with fewer goings-on as she gets older. Because we haven’t found the perfect adoptive home for her and she has been with Saving Paws so long, she has now been placed in the Love For Life Program. All expenses including food, medicines, vet care and supplies are paid for by Saving Paws. You just have to provide a safe, long-term, loving home environment. If you think Jackie is a good fit for you and your family, please fill out a foster application.


Jefke breaks my heart. Every single time I see him. He came to the rescue about 2 years ago. He is a middle-aged Belgian Malinois. He is one of the smartest dogs I’ve ever met. As much as we get him out of his kennel and play with him and walk him and cuddle him, he’s going stir-crazy. He needs an outlet. He needs a job. And he needs a family of his own to love. He is one of the best cuddlers in town.

He knows many commands in German. He is great on a walk. We haven’t even tapped into everything he knows. The other day I was playing outside in the yard with him. I threw his ball, but it was hot and he looked up at me and said with his eyes, “No way am I chasing that!” So as I retrieved the ball, he ran up behind me, pushed his nose between my knees, and healed with his head between my knees, looking up at me. We walked this way for about 25 feet, just like they do at the dog shows or during tactical training. “Wow,” I thought, “you are such a special dog.”

But Jefke keeps getting overlooked. He’s a high-energy, 5 or 6-year-old boy. He can be stubborn. He can be toy protective. And he can definitely be protective of his home. He went into a foster home once for several months and was a great boy. He loved his long runs with his mom. He was not destructive when left alone. But he wouldn’t let his dog sitter in to check on him when his mom was at work. As hard as she tried, there were just certain people he wouldn’t let in the house. So, he came back to the rescue. His physical needs are being met. He likes the volunteers. But this boy needs someone; I mean really NEEDS someone. Are you that someone to give him his chance? 

Because he’s been with the rescue so long, Jefke is in the Love For Life program, meaning we are looking for a forever foster home for him. All expenses will be covered by the rescue. If you lead an active lifestyle, spend a lot of time at home, enjoy mentally exercising your dog, and understand the breed, then Jefke is the perfect dog for you! Won’t you please give him the life he so deserves? If Jefke sounds like the partner for you, please fill out a foster application

Jefke the Belgian Malinois
Jefke the Belgian Malinois


Rex is about 5 years old and we’ve had him for over a year now. For those who know and understand Rex well, he is a very affectionate, happy go lucky, fun loving dog! He walks very nicely on a leash, although his walks are slow because he must sniff and pee on everything. Being the silly character that he is, every once in awhile he’ll pancake in the middle of the road to let you know he’s either had enough or that he hasn’t had enough. He loves car rides and is lucky enough to go for puppaccino’s most Sundays with a volunteer who adores him. He gives the best hugs and kisses and loves belly rubs. He is very playful and loves to zoom around his room with his toys. Additionally, as you can see, he is extremely handsome, thus earning him monikers such as Sexy Rexy and Rexalicious.

Sounds like a great dog, so what’s the catch? Rex is easily over-stimulated, which causes him to spin and bark and bite his tail and occasionally lash out at people. Many noises set him off – the vacuum, motorcycles zooming by, the blender, the hose, the neighbor’s lawnmower, or other dogs barking. Too many people walking in and out of his room is also something that bothers him. Every once in awhile, he lashes out seemingly without provocation. He is also a resource guarder – if he’s got a toy or food, leave him be! Additionally, sometimes it seems he is a bit crabbier in the evenings. As homey as Saving Paws Rescue is and as accommodating as we are for Rex, being in a shelter is really hard for a dog like him because there are inevitably times with a lot of people and activity and noise.Nonetheless, once one understands Rex’s temperament and quirks, they are easily managed and he’s not a problem to handle. Redirection with treats, toys, or puzzles works well with Rex. For those who’ve spent a lot of time with him, he is absolutely a volunteer favorite. Rex will thrive in a quiet home with no young children and not a lot of activity. He’s not a dog who should be going to Home Depot or pet stores or restaurants or other busy public places to interact with strangers. He does really like other dogs, but because of his spinning we’ve not found a playmate for him, so he will probably do best as an only dog. In the right environment and with a patient and understanding person or family, Rex will be a wonderful companion! We adore Rex and would so love to find him the right home.

Because of Rex’s quirks, he is in our Love For Life program, which means we are looking for a forever foster home for him. Saving Paws covers all of his living expenses such as medicines, food (if requested), vaccinations, etc. You just provide a loving, caring home! If this sounds like the perfect set-up for you, please fill out our foster application to get the foster process started.